Tribal Saxophone Awarded by Editor’s Choice on 500px

Saturday, 25 August 2012
The knowledge of photography makes you experienced and not your time spent in this respective discipline. How many photos you have taken is not important but which of your photo has got recognition is utmost important. I don’t call myself as a photographer as I will be learner all my life. I am best at random photography and always keep my mind running towards thinking of new perspective when I am about to take a shot. Many a times, I have been asked for my favorite or the best photo amongst I have taken so far and that makes me speak nothing else but telling them, “my Next One”.
I personally believe that you don’t get any bragging right until and unless you have achieved any award for your work as it’s not merely recognition but an honor of appreciation of your hard-work. When I was off to take this photo, it was one of a routine hike of mine in the tribal area and was not so sure for taking any great portrait. All of a sudden I have seen this old man sitting on a stairs of a building with an intention to earn though his absolute skill of playing musical instrument looks like saxophone which inspired me to name it tribal saxophone. When I captured this photo I had no big plan for receiving great comments and appreciation on 500px and yet another gesture of clicking for my collection.
Taking picture is one of my hobbies and I have developed it as I age, without any vested interest. After seeing my pics one of my friends reckon me to join as it’s the best place for photographers to get exposure to their work. I had a very thought to get to know other photographers and learn from them, I too joined the site and started posting my pictures there. I did post Tribal Saxophone there and I started to get comments from visitors about this portrait which made me feel great about my work. One day I have come to know that my photo has been selected by the editors and having been awarded by Editors Choice which was a great honor for me that made me share this capture through my blog here.